I am a recent MFA graduate from Northeastern University (NEU) with a BS in Computation Media from Georgia Tech. During my academic stint I had the honor to work under Dr. Celia Pearce in both the EGG lab of Georgia Tech and the more recent Paidia Studios lab at NEU. I helped design and create games that have been shown at game festivals and exhibitions, and have also worked on an app currently in the app store.

Browsing the timeline a number of animation-related events precede a sudden turn of focus towards games. Prior to my time at the EGG I originally held an interest in animation. Once I took a class under Dr. Pearce, the potential for truly innovative, immersive and novel work in a nascent medium enraptured me and I made the jump to games. I feel truly blessed to be living in a time when so many advancements are being made in the field.

I have been referred to as a ninja, for my silent presence and thorough execution of tasks, and a swiss army knife for the wide variety of random skills I’ve accumulated. I am independent and very self-driven with a lot of initiative. I easily spot improvements and new work to be done; in a project I also easily visualize how tasks can be broken up amongst teammates and against a timeline. Though I am soft-spoken and awkward many teammates find me agreeable, flexible and pleasant to work with, and that I usually perform my part to a high standard. I can be summed up as a dorky, agreeable Christian girl armed with random know-how.

Witnessing beautiful, well-crafted work brings me the greatest joy in the world and makes me grateful to be alive. I think creative people who are passionate about their stories, their visions, their ideas are amazing and I feel blessed to have been surrounded by such colleagues. I constantly aim to hone myself physically and in the skill department so I can someday play a part in crafting something breathtakingly inspiring too.

In my free time I will pore over my calendar, to-do lists and plans like the INTP that I am, spend too much time on Wikipedia, make portraits of friends, watch cartoons, try out games and work on a game of some sort (usually planning). I am trying in vain to get into Korean Dramas to improve my Korean, evidenced by a long line of abandoned series. I like nature, beautiful things, weird music, cartoons and cool paper.


An electronic board game made of quilted pieces. Facilitates exploration of electric circuits to a broad demographic. Has been shown at SIGGRAPH Studio 2015 and the Smithsonian Indie Arcade 2016. Patent currently pending.


A two-player strategy board game involving the smashing of candy that has been compared to Go in its simple elegance and depth. Has been featured in numerous festivals including IndieCade EAST 2015 and Come Out and Play 2015.


Narrative game that alerts and guides post-cancer survivors in the mental and physical hurdles awaiting them. Also fosters a deeper empathy and understanding amongst their caregivers and friends. I proposed and initiated the project the last semester of my graduate years.


A MMO made in Unity that encourages player exploration and generation of culture via an environment conducive to emergent gameplay.

Mobile app commissioned by Sesame Street that teaches resilience in children. Winner of Parent's Choice Award 2014. I coded the main framework, as I was the main programmer first assigned to the app.



After Effects


ActionScript 3.0