An electronic board game made of quilted pieces. Facilitates exploration of electric circuits to a broad demographic. Has been shown at SIGGRAPH Studio 2015 and the Smithsonian Indie Arcade 2016. Patent currently pending.


A two-player strategy board game involving the smashing of candy that has been compared to Go in its simple elegance and depth. Has been featured in numerous festivals including IndieCade EAST 2015 and Come Out and Play 2015.


Narrative game that alerts and guides post-cancer survivors in the mental and physical hurdles awaiting them. Also fosters a deeper empathy and understanding amongst their caregivers and friends. I proposed and initiated the project the last semester of my graduate years.


A MMO made in Unity that encourages player exploration and generation of culture via an environment conducive to emergent gameplay.

Mobile app commissioned by Sesame Street that teaches resilience in children. Winner of Parent's Choice Award 2014. I coded the main framework, as I was the main programmer first assigned to the app.